Periodontal diseases

Periodontal diseases are referred to as periodontopathy. They may develop at any age, and without proper treatment they cause teeth loss. It should be stressed that in their early stages they are mild, and such symptoms as bleeding gums or tooth mobility and loss appear only in an advanced stage. In PANACEUM, we prevent and treat periodontal diseases. We know very well how dangerous these diseases can be if they are ignored or not diagnosed in time. Most people would not have to lose their teeth if only a proper diagnosis had been made in time. Every patient visiting PANACEUM is thoroughly examined and diagnosed for any potential periodontopathy. No matter whether an early or an advanced stage of the disease is diagnosed, treatment begins at once. A prevention and treatment programme is offered to our patients so that they can enjoy their smile for as long as possible. We learn from the best specialists in the world and that is why we are well prepared to treat periodontal diseases. Our knowledge and skills are offered to our patients.

Parodontosis is integrally connected with the circulatory system diseases. The same bacteria which cause bone atrophy, entering the heart together with blood cause also cardiac valves diseases. That is why the elimination of pathogenic bacteria from the oral cavity is nowadays considered to be the basic element of infarction prevention. Due to modern technology, it is possible to stop bone atrophy in parodontosis, and the already existing deep bone defects can be restored by means of thrombocyte-rich and bone replacing preparations. In PANACEUM, we use only the clinically tested bone substitutes manufactured by the Swiss company GEISTLICH. Following bone atrophy, gum recession develops very frequently. We treat such pathological changes by means of soft tissue transplantation.

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